Logistics Real Estate: Business needs for more storage

Mar 7, 2023

A new investment trend, with increased demand over the last five years, is storage spaces. A modern form of investment properties in real estate industry, which requires new technologies and newly built warehouses with sustainable facilities.


Warehouse rental and logistics real estate: What led to the increased demand

This trend, logistics real estate for business storage is global and not only observed in Greece. When businesses digitalized, after Covid- 19 pandemic, their needs changed. E- Shops are more now and almost every business has its online store. So, businesses need more storage!


What other factors led to increased demand for storage spaces? 

  • Consumers changed their habits
  • The rise of e- commerce
  • The lack of business warehouses
  • Strong geopolitical role of Greece in Eastern Mediterranean and the movement of multinational Groups to this country who need to transport and store their products

Newly built warehouses: Where do investors search

Entrepreneurs are interested in storing their products safely and meeting their logistics needs in the best and most efficient way. The greatest interest of investors is concentrated mainly in the east of the city and more specifically in the following areas:

  • Piraeus, with easy access to port
  • Aspropirgos, an area with easy access to province
  • Areas with easy access to national roads, such as Attiki Odos and National Road
  • Kifissia, an area with easy access to province
  • Lavrio which has its own port


Logistics Real Estate: 3+ 1 tips to make the best choice

  1. The space must comply with legal specifications about sustainable facilities
  2. The geographic location of the warehouse should ideally be close to a central road, for easy accessibility
  3. Calculate the square footage of warehouse, ergonomics and the prospect of meeting increased needs


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