About Us

Lavish Property Management, a boutique real estate agency

Lavish Property Management provides investment, design, property management and leasing, short or long- term, services. Founded in 2022 as the development of a successful real estate Group, makes the research by individual approach and covers every market need for investment in professional and personal spaces with modern concepts of high investment value.

A modern, individual approach to Real Estate

Our philosophy is to approach each customer and every investment with privacy and personalized research. Our innovative management systems and new technological programs allow the online monitoring of investment at all stages with privacy.

After a 15year’s experience in real estate, we have the knowledge to see the real needs in investment market and cover them efficiently through technology.


Why investing with Lavish Property Management

Our experience and modern tools give us the opportunity to deal with different types of properties such as hotels, tourist properties, commercial properties, student properties as well as developments with third parties.

We invest in Greece and abroad, especially in areas with high investment interest. Some examples in Greece are Attica, Thessaloniki, Patra, Kavala, Heraklion in Creta, Greek islands and more areas with investment advantages.

Facility management in real estate requires innovative technological proposals, speed and smart solutions. Lavish Property Management is a modern boutique real estate agency with these skills, experience and knowledge.