Northern and southern suburbs of Attica: The investment advantages of each region

Mar 7, 2023

Lavish Property Management aims to meet big Greek cities, but also their beautiful suburbs to the investors. In Attica there is an investment interest in both historic Athens and Piraeus and their suburbs


But what are the investment advantages of northern and southern suburbs of Attica and what has changed in the investment scene over the last years?


Northern suburbs: These are their investment advantages

Northern suburbs in Attica are a timeless real estate choice. They outstand for their natural beauty, the relaxing and green environment, the quality of lifestyle and the cultural interest thanks to the Museums located in the surrounding area. Thus, properties in northern suburbs, houses and plots of land, show an increase in investor demand.


Luxury residence, newly- built and modern designed apartments and also, older buildings with good returns are the new investment scene. Young entrepreneurs who want to leave the center of Athens but at the same time choose to be close to it for business, traditional residents of northern suburbs who need a change and people who want to upgrade the quality of their life, are the main common in the investment market of areas such as Psychiko, Filothei, Ekali, Kifissia, Marousi, Chalandri, Agia Paraskevi etc.


So, the quality way of living, the green environment, the easy access to the center of Athens and the major roads (Attiki Odos, National Road) and the quietness of everyday life are the main reasons for attracting the buying target group to northern suburbs. Additional reasons are the economic and commercial development, the intense construction activity, the accessibility to work since many large companies and multinationals are based there, good infrastructure and the fact that in northern suburbs there are many educational institutions.


Southern suburbs: Why do all want to invest by the sea

The redevelopment and the whole transition to a greener and more sustainable way of living in southern suburbs have changed the investment scene in southern suburbs of Attica.

Metropolitan Park of Hellinikon is the “talk of the town” for real estate in general, which attracts many foreign investors.


Added to the natural beauty by the sea, where you can relax and have quality in everyday life, business interest for the area led to increased investment interest. Many companies choose to move their offices near Hellinikon, since international companies see it as an important pole of attraction and investment. Southern suburbs are the best choice to live in peace but also to be close to business development. The center of Athens is no longer the only meeting point for businesses and professionals.


Greek and foreign investors want to invest in Glyfada, Voula, Hellinikon, Alimos, Vari, Vouliagmeni, Palaio Faliro, Nea Smyrni but also in the area of Piraeus, from Drapetsona to Moschato and Kallithea. Piraeus is also a growing international hub for entrepreneurs, which is expected to make a difference in the coming years.