About Greece

Greece is an attractive pole for investments in Mediterranean

A European country with international interest for real estate, due to its natural beauty, lifestyle and business development.
The serious effort for regeneration and green transition in lifestyle and tourism, added to the above advantages, make Greece a profitable investment option for individuals and professionals from all over the world.

Lavish Property Management and real estate in Greece

Lavish Property Management is a modern boutique real estate agency, which invest in Greece and abroad, especially in areas with high investment interest. Some examples in Greece are Attica, Thessaloniki, Patra, Kavala, Heraklion in Creta, Greek islands and more areas with investment advantages.



Greek Islands

Creta and Greek islands

In areas with tourism, such Heraklion in Creta and Greek islands in Aegean and Ionian Sea, Lavish Property Management suggests, advices and guides potential investors. Greek islands will never stop attracting tourists and investors all over the world for their natural beauty and increased tourism. On the global list of investment options are Creta, Mykonos and Santorini.

South Greece


Attica shows an increase in demand for professional use in second- hand properties, as well as in newly built properties. Business and commercial properties in the center of Athens, even entire buildings, is where real estate’s heart beats. Suburbs of Athens and Attica in general, southern and northern, interest both professionals and private individuals.

Northern suburbs of Athens
There is also high investment interest for northern suburbs, an area of Attica which attracts a wide target group. Luxury residences, newly built apartments and modern designed buildings- even older buildings of smaller square meters with excellent yields being- in Ekali, Kifisia, Psychiko, Filothei, Marousi, Chalandri, Agia Paraskevi, are at the forefront of real estate.

Southern suburbs of Athens
The development of Hellinikon Metropolitan Park, also known as “The Ellinikon”, changed southern suburbs in Attica. First of all, there is increased real estate traffic for commercial properties and newly built luxury homes. Secondly, this regeneration in southern suburbs combined with the increased investment interest and natural beauty of the area are their investment assets.



Peiraeus outstands for its history, architecture, international business interest, natural beauty and of course, for its real estate possibilities. Peiraeus is a modern business spot and not only for shipping!

Northern Greece

Thessaloniki and big Greek cities

Lavish Property Management aims to meet big Greek cities, but also their beautiful suburbs. For example, many Americans and Israel investors prefer Panorama in Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki presents an increased demand for plots that will be used for big projects, industrial properties and for professional, business properties that will host offices and business centers of high- quality standards. The same happens with more Greek cities, such as Patra and Kavala.