Experience and individual approach

Lavish Property Management provides investment, design, property management and leasing, short or long- term, services. It is a boutique real estate agency with experience and an individual approach.

Lavish Property Management offers its clients property management services:

• Connection/re-connection to electricity and water supply systems: the company will ensure timely and safe connection of properties to electricity and water supply networks. The team of experts knows all the nuances and requirements to ensure the efficient operation of these systems.

• Payment of utility bills: Lavish Property Management will promptly pay all property related bills. All obligations will be met accurately and on time.

• Internet connection: fast and reliable internet access is an essential part of modern life. We can help you connect to a reliable internet provider so that you can enjoy high-speed internet at any time.

• Accounting Services: we offer a full range of accounting services related to your property. Our team of experienced accountants will ensure that your property and car taxes are paid correctly. We will also assist with filing of declarations (E1 and E9).