Key real estate trends: What you need to know

Mar 7, 2023

Real estate trends have been constantly changing in recent years, especially since Covid- 19 pandemic. These key real estate trends though, are all about the market slowing down, consumers changed their habits, green development, economic conditions, tourism and the corresponding demand of Greek and foreign investors.


The evolution of real estate trends began in 2011 in Greece, with short- term real estate leasing, telecommuting, green offices, newly built properties with high aesthetic and functional standards, bioclimatic houses, modern commercial parks and of course with the business digitalization.


6+1 trends in modern real estate

  1. Logistics and the increased needs of online companies for business storage and especially sustainable facilities
  2. Serviced apartments: Fully furnished and equipped apartments, with modern design and luxurious comforts. Their target group is everyone who travels a lot and needs to stay for a long period in Greece, digital nomads in and out the borders and people of medical tourism. The most important about serviced apartments is that they satisfy every need, as far as the investors or the tenants is concerned (needs based on their lifestyle status)
  3. Growth of the suburbs and movement of business interest in the suburbs of the cities, such as southern and northern suburbs of Attica or Panorama in Thessaloniki
  4. Leed- certified green buildings and Eco- friendly constructions for offices, business centers or residence, for a more sustainable life
  5. Residence for rent, in developing areas with high investment interest
  6. Buildings’ reconstruction: Instead of new developments, investors prefer the buildings’ reconstruction and that’s why they choose to invest in old buildings with a change of their use.
  7. Privacy and individual real estate transactions: Our innovative management systems and new technological programs allow the online monitoring of investment at all stages with privacy