Navigating the Best Areas to Rent an Apartment in Piraeus

Dec 12, 2023

In recent years, Piraeus has transformed from a port-centric area into a real estate hotspot, driven by major infrastructure developments and a surge in tourism. This transformation has significantly impacted the housing market, leading to increased demand for apartments, newly built houses, and short-term rentals. The situation is unique, and various neighborhoods offer distinct advantages for those seeking rental properties.

Mikrolimano: a gem by the sea

Piraeus’ trademark, Mikrolimano, underwent a radical redevelopment in 2020, creating a more resident and visitor-friendly environment. The plan included the creation of a pedestrian zone along the sea, the relocation of restaurant tables, and the conversion of certain streets into softer, more accessible spaces. Mikrolimano is now an attractive destination for those seeking a vibrant atmosphere with seaside charm.

Castella: the epitome of elegance

Nestled on a hill, Castella stands out as one of the most beautiful areas in Piraeus. Characterized by alleys lined with old neoclassical buildings, it’s an ideal location for those who appreciate quiet walks and historical charm. The hill was once known as the “Tank District” due to a water tank supplying the town. Today, it’s considered one of the most aristocratic neighborhoods, offering stunning views and a rich historical ambiance.

Marina Zeas: nautical luxury

Marina Zeas, located on the east coast of the Piraeus peninsula, boasts the title of one of the most beautiful and organized marinas in the Mediterranean. Comprising two ports, Passalimani and Freatida, Marina Zeas offers high-quality facilities and services. The area’s vibrant atmosphere and numerous shops make it a sought-after location for those with a penchant for nautical luxury.

For students moving to Piraeus

For students in Piraeus, the city’s recent upgrades have expanded housing options. Popular choices include living in the city center, near the University or Korai Square. Daytime activities revolve around places like Gazi College and cafes in Marina Zeas, while evenings often see students exploring Troumba or the city center using convenient public transportation.

Finding suitable student housing can be challenging, but considering alternative solutions such as co-housing or exploring modern student housing buildings from private companies can broaden options. The extended metro network also provides more flexibility in choosing housing locations.

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