Short-term rental properties for students and telecommuters: an investment opportunity with a bright future

Nov 21, 2023

In recent years, the real estate industry has seen a lot of growth, with short-term rentals being a fast-growing economic activity. In 2022, short-term rentals contributed to 1.65% of the country’s GDP, which corresponds to 3.44 billion euros.

The use of short-term rental accommodation in Greece is at a higher level than the European Union average. This rise is not just limited to the tourist crowd – it extends to a wide range of the market, including students and remote workers. For investors looking to take advantage of this trend, the opportunities and rewards are plentiful.

The investment benefits of short-term leasing

Investors seeking to maximize returns on their real estate investments can benefit in a number of ways through short-term leasing:

Higher rental yields: Short-term rentals typically have higher nightly rates than long-term rentals. This means increased income for investors. By monitoring the demand trend, one can take advantage of seasonal fluctuations to maximize a property’s return.

Diversify sources of income: By offering services to both students and remote workers, investors can diversify their sources of income, reducing the risk associated with relying on a single market segment. If one segment takes a downturn, the other can help stabilize cash flow.

Potential for high occupancy rates: Short-term rentals often have high occupancy rates, especially in popular areas. A steady stream of tenants can lead to a more secure and reliable source of income.

Flexibility and control: Short-term leases offer greater flexibility and control of investment properties. With proper adjustments in pricing, availability and benefits, one can properly meet the demands of the target market.

Investing wisely

While short-term rentals offer significant investment opportunities, it’s important to approach this venture wisely.Partnering with a professional property management company such as, Lavish Estate, with the experience in providing premium services to all of our clients whether you are a investor or tenant. We offer end-to-end management services: from guest reservations to property maintenance, guiding the tenant at every stage in the leasing process and ensuring a safe and profitable investment for our owners.

Lavish Property Management, a dynamic player in the real estate industry, is at the forefront of this investment trend.

The Lavish difference

Lavish Property Management undertakes the investment planning, management and short-term or long-term leasing of properties.

What sets Lavish Property Management apart from the competition is its years of experience in the industry combined with its high level of expertise, enabling it to offer investors innovative investment solutions.

Personalized approach: Investors can feel safe and confident that their investments are being utilized with the utmost care and attention. Lavish’s innovative management systems and state-of-the-art technological programs allow electronic monitoring of the investment at all stages with privacy protection.

Property Diversity: Lavish’s portfolio is broad, offering a wide range of properties to cater to various needs and preferences, ensuring an abundance of options for prospective investors.

High investment value: Lavish’s modern ideas are precisely based on high investment value as they stay ahead of the market trends by providing the best returns to the investors. Lavish properties are designed not only to meet the immediate needs of students and remote workers, but also to provide lasting value for its investors.

Meeting the needs of today’s students

Today’s young adults are no longer looking for traditional long-term leases. Instead, they’re looking for options that provide convenience, affordability, and flexibility, and short-term rentals are often ideal for meeting these needs.

Lavish Property Management excels in serving these needs by offering customized solutions with student needs in mind. Its portfolio offers a variety of properties that cater to the needs of students, investors and its clients providing a range of apartments in locations and prices to suit the needs of the client and lifestyle of the young adult living in Greece.